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FiberPlast C 1800 D is a high temperature adhesive for application temperatures of up to 1750°C.

What is the field of application?

Only ceramic fiber-based insulation materials can be reliably bonded or coated with FiberPlast C 1800 D (it is not suitable for other materials). Our high-temperature adhesive can be also used as repair mass, then mixed with ITM Fibermax® Blanket.

What is FiberPlast made of?

The adhesive paste is made of polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW) with added inorganic binders and specifically coordinated additives.

What are the characteristics of Fiberplast?

Our ready-to-use, ceramic adhesive is particularly easy to adjust and hold reliably and permanently.

What should be considered when using?

The surface to be treated should be cleaned from dust and moisture slightly before applying the adhesive. A thin layer of FiberPlast C 1800 D is sufficient for achieve the wished effect. The excess of adhesive can be removed after bonding. During the drying process, which can take place easily in air, it is recommended to use a constant and even load on the already glued segments.

Which instrument can be used?

To simplify the applying of FiberPlast C 1800 D, we recommend using a spattle and painting instrument.

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