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High-temperature vacuum formed parts for demanding and individual requirements


UltraVac are three-dimensional vacuum-formed insulating products made of polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW). It offers very good homogeneity as well as high dimensional accuracy through precise machining.

The high-temperature-resistant insulation material from SCHUPP® characterizes very good temperature shock resistance and can be used in various atmospheres. Thanks to precise post-processing, the installation of the shaped parts and the replacement of individual components is quick and very simple.

UltraVac is sophisticated insulation suitable for horizontal and vertical furnaces up to 1800°C application temperature.

UltraVac insulation materials (Boards and Shapes) can be used in combination with MoSi2-heating elements as well as with other heaters. For this we manufacture various cylindrical shapes according to customer-specific drawings and help with the construction /implementation.

Your benefits with UltraVac:

  • Shapes ready for installation as a single piece or series
  • Complex design / specific geometries possible
  • Complete furnace linings possible
  • Very good thermal shock behavior
  • Application temperature up to 1800°C

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Innovation & Technology Manager
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