Manfred Herweg controls the electrical heating elements in an industrial furnace.

High-temperature insulation boards (PCW) for application temperatures up to 1800°C

UltraBoard insulates electrically heated industrial and laboratory furnaces up to an application temperature of 1800°C. Made of polycrystalline mullite/alumina wool (PCW), the parts are a high-quality alternative for insulations of aluminosilicate wool (ASW), also known as ceramic fibre (RCF). Shot-free quality, minimal shrinkage and high form stability of our material ensure a long service life and make it particularly economically efficient. Optionally, a particularly low-dust quality can be delivered as well.

Your benefits with UltraBoard:

  • Low heat conductivity
  • Long service life due to low shrinkage
  • Simple processing (homogeneous structure)
  • Density: up to 700kg/m³
  • Particularly low-dust quality for special applications

The standard sizes for the insulation boards are 900mm x 600mm. They are available in thicknesses 20, 25, 40, 50 and 100mm. With UltraBoard, we produce complete furnace linings to size according to your wishes.


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