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Precise measurement of PTCR rings


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Process temperature control rings PTCR are ceramic tools. Due to the shrinkage, they enable the recording of the heat input across the entire duration of the process at any position in the furnace. For ease of use, this shrinkage - and therefore the total absorbed heat quantity - is translated into a single, fictitious conversion parameter, so-called „ring temperature “. For this only the diameter of the PTCR is determined after firing.

In order to increase the measuring accuracy of the rings, the process should therefore be standardized and optimized as much as possible. If all possible influencing factors are minimized, the highest precision of PTCR-measurement (± 3 °) can be achieved.

Therefore, we recommend using a micrometer screw to measure the PTCRs. Conventional instruments such as calipers are subject to higher tolerances, which are due to both the measuring method and the person surveying. This manifests itself in a corresponding deviation of the results.

An accurate and reliable measuring process is guaranteed with our special PTCR micrometer:

The screw is mounted on a precisely fitted supporting base. This ensures that the rings can always be positioned and measured in the same way. The massive body of the micrometer is equipped with a non-slip pad which guarantees the safe and stable recording.                                                                                    

The measuring process can be standardized by using the so-called 2-click method. Here you move the coarse screw of the micrometer to just before the ring. The diameter determination is finalised with the fine screw by turning the screw until a double click can be heard. In addition, specific measuring points of the PTCR should be uniformly defined (e.g. next to the embossing of the batch number or ring type. These measures guarantee that the process remains the same even with changing personnel.

To avoid errors in data transmission in the final evaluation of the results, we recommend connecting the micrometer to a PC. The micrometer is equipped with an USB interface. Using a special cable with a transfer or enter button, the values can be transferred to a Microsoft Excel file or any other document format at the push of a button. In this way, the measurement results can be quickly and easily graphically displayed in the form of simple diagrams (mapping, etc.).

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